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Spiritual Readings & Powerful Spiritual Works by Angel Rose

World Renown Intuitive Spiritualist & Powerful Woman of God

Client Testimonials

“First I want to say Thank you to Sister Angel for the accurate and wonderful reading. There is no doubt in my mind that God's Holy Spirit is truly with her and that she has a REAL gift. Having been a client for many years, I am consistently pleased with her readings as well as her powerful products! I have used many spiritual products and can honestly say that hers have worked best for my needs! Actually I have seen what I consider to be "mini miracles" as a result of her baths and candles! She and her staff are always professional and available to answer my questions. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!”

Mary Beth V. (Fairfax, VA)

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a Psychic or Spiritual Advisor you can trust. Sister Angel was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the accuracy of her readings and her spiritual abilities never cease to amaze me! I am now a Life time client and truly believe that Angel is a Divinely inspired heavenly helper. Outstanding!"

Diana M. (Kansas City, KS)

Words can not describe how grateful I am to Angel for helping me put my family back together. I was in a desperate situation prior to talking with her. My husband and I were on the verge of separation and divorce! Angel helped to put my family back to together and bring much needed peace to my home.

Jeanna B. (Ontario, Canada)

I was in total despair when I found Angel. My life was going terrible and I didn't know if I was coming or going. I had just gone through a rough divorce, wasn't making enough money to sustain me and my children, and my 17 year old son had just gone to jail for the first time. When I talked to her, I immediately found a sense of peace. She was very honest with me and I could feel that. She also told me that everything would be okay. After my work began, things began to change. My bills were all caught up, the relationship I was in became much stronger, I was never FLAT broke, and my son was released from jail earlier than we expected!! I also completely got over the failed marriage and began to move on. And, received a better position at my job which will cause an $800 per month increase!! I felt completely comfortable with the work that was being done because I was always encouraged to pray and read from my bible. Angel is the BEST!!!!

Lin A. (Riverdale, GA)

Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say. After working with Sister Angel my court case worked out in my favor and I must say that it was looking very bad. She helped me to be able to get past this awful period in my life and move forward without it following me forever.

Carlos S. (San Francisco, CA)

Ms. Angel your reading was right on, I didn't want to listen because I was so much in love, but I'm glad I did. You were so right. I did start a new life and I'm dating many potential mates and having the most wonderful time! I'm happier and stress free. Thanks so much and I will be in touch.

Tracy E. (Milwaukee, WI)

I own a business within the transportation industry. I had lost several of my contracts to competitors for what seemed like no reason at all. Our profits had dropped significantly and we were considering downsizing. Through Angel's help, my business profits have now more than DOUBLED from last year and I often have more business than I can handle. We are planning on expanding! All I can say is that she truly is an angel!

Barry G. (Beaumont, TX)

Sister Angel's reading was right on! She told me that I would meet my special someone at a religious function with the next month and I did! We are now engaged to be married!

Laura S. (Great Falls, MT)

When I came to Angel's site, I wondered if it was for real or just another fake. I have had readings by many fake psychics and rootworkers. But for some reason when I looked at her picture and read her page I felt that she would be able to help me. I had been dealing with terrible luck and financial problems for years. With our first reading I knew she was the real thing. She helped me to turn my life around and begin to learn how to change things I didn't like into things I did like. I feel like a new person and it is all thanks to Sister Angel Rose. Praise God!

Betty Jean T. (Butler, AL)

Angel is a miracle worker! That is all there is to it! I am so grateful to her for her help with my court case.

Jonathan C. (Washington, DC)

I have been lonely for so many years. Sister Angel Rose helped me to begin to draw new love into my life. I am no longer lonely and have many different options for dating. I know it was her work that has made this happen.

Carolyn L. (Chicago, IL)

Great reading that was right on. I will definitely be using you again!

William D. (St. Paul, MN)

Angel brought me my man back after he left our home. Now he is back with our family. I am forever in Angel's debt. Thank God for her.

W. O. (Baltimore, MD)

I was so confused before coming to Angel. She has helped me to gain a better understanding of how I was sabotaging my life. After working with her things began to change and now my life is easier and my load so much lighter.

Joyce A. (Detroit, MI)

Another man and my own stupidity had made me a lonely old man. Through Angel's help I am no longer alone. I have love again and its even better this time because we both want it! Thanks so much Angel.

Anthony P. (Newark, NJ)

This was by far the BEST spiritual reading I have ever had! Sister Angel was able to tell me all about my problem and give me tangible solutions that worked! Praise God for sending this "Angel" into my life!

Janie C. (Carthage, MS)

This is directed to anyone who desires to order products and/ or services with Ms. Angel Rose. First, I must say that Angel is a very dear person, she is ALWAYS there for her clients, she is very professional, very polite, she gets straight to the point of things and her recommendations are always in the cleints best interest, she is truly here to help you so, if you are seeking honest, professional work in a spiritual manner you have found the right one, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. When I first met Angel, my life was cold, dark , negativity was all around me, nothing but horrible things were occuring in my life, my mind was all messed up...well I had a spiritual reading with Angel, she told me exactly what happened {how I got into that state} and what was needed to remove those things through her work I was able to get my life back on track. I did what Angel told me to do and people she is magnificent... because my life has changed..... I am BETTER, my mind is clear, I can rest comfortably, bad habits exist no more, a tremendous weight has been lifted off me and now I live in peace, joy, happiness and love thats not all.....last week I began some MONEY ATTRACTION/ DRAWING work along with Angel on a Thursday night . Well, on the first day after my money bath {Friday} Fed Ex delivered a check to me from my former employer, the following Monday I won a double pay out on a scratch off lottery ticket and on today, Thursday a week after my money work, I got a call stating that I have a $10,000 check in with my name on it { NO MESS THIS IS FOR REAL } !!!!!! So again, to anyone who is considering Sister Angel Rose's work do not hesitate on giving her a try.....she is truly as her name states an Angel.

Lillie B. (Louisiana)

At first I was hesitant about having a psychic reading and being involved in spiritual work due to all the controversy surrounding the psychic hotlines and Ms. Cleo, but Sister Angel Rose truly changed my mind! She is actually the REAL THING! First of all she was an actual real person who really took the time to look at my problems and make suggestions that would most benefit me and my family. Not only that, she was able to tell me EXACTLY what my love interest was going to say about me and how he felt about me. With the help of Sister Angel Rose, I am now engaged to be married and living in a new and beautiful home! She does REAL work that helps people to get the things that they NEED and WANT!

Monica B. (Winter Haven, FL)

Sister Angel, I just want to say thank you so much! Working with you has helped to change my life! At first it seemed like I would never make my dream of playing professional football, but with your help things really started to fall into place. Now I have been invited to an NFL training camp for this coming season! Prior to working with you I didn't think this was possible due to all my injuries and the negative attitude of many people around me. Again, I just want to say thank you and that I'll never forget what you did!

Michael D. (Loredo, TX)

For many years I have been carrying around something very negative. Everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. I was being layed off from my jobs, I couldn't hold my family together, and I didn't have any desire to move forward in life. This was not like me at all, so I knew something was truly wrong. Sister Angel Rose helped me to get my life back on track. She told me exactly what was wrong and she knew how to fix it! She gave me back my life that was taken away from me and for that I am truly thankful. Sister Angel was always available to help me and answer my questions. When I had moments of crisis, she helped me through that to. I can truly say that she is a woman of God and is very gifted. I am grateful to her and encourage other to bette their lives through her help.

Shawn R. (Albany, GA)

Thanks so much Angel for your guidance and sweet caring spirit. Even we who are gifted occasionally get stuck and need a neutral perspective to gain more clarity. I will continue to call you whenever I get derailed. God's blessings on you!

Linda W. (San Diego, CA)

I called Ms. Angel at a point in my life where I wanted to die. I had just had a baby, bad break up with his dad, and severe mental blockage. Things just weren't going my way. When I called her, I told her I couldn't believe she was a real person, she sounded real!! I initially called her to get back with him, but she opened my eyes and pretty much told me there is something better for me, to leave him alone, and focus on me and my 2 boys. I don't know what she did or is still doing, but I see things in a different light. I didn't feel scared when I hung up the phone! I actually felt good. She saw exactly what I needed and helped me. I feel happy and focused on what I need to do for us. I'm now back in school (college), I left the good for nothing man alone and met somebody new and I'm doing 100% better! I also just had an appointment with a mortgage broker for a house. Whenever I email Sister Angel or call, shes's right there. Angel is truly gifted, and talented. PLEASE don't have any doubts she is the real deal!!! Thank you Angel. God Bless You.

Valerie B. (Raleigh, N.C.)

It seemed like Angel knew right where to attack my problem. She knew what I needed and how to get me the results (answers) I was looking for and thats exactly what I got to.

Makaveli (Houston, TX)

I must admit that I have had my share of so called readings, but when I sat down and listened to Angel, it was an experience I won't forget. Thou she hasn't started on my work I need for her to do yet, I still feel like my love will be back. The peace I felt while talking to her, let me know she'll be in my life 4 a long time. Thank you so much.

Donna C. (Spring Hill, FL)

Ms Angel thank you so very much for helping to reunite me and my girlfriend! I didn't think we would ever be able to work things out with all that had happened between us. But you wouldn't let me be negative and you really did get her back for me! Thank you again so much! We are happy and planning a vacation to celebrate our engagement. Without you and your help, I know this would not have been possible.

T. J. (Lincoln, NE)

What can I say? Angel Rose's work is life changing. She is the real deal.

On top of that, unlike many other "psychics" she is there for you whenever you need her for no additional charge. If you have a question or if you need advice she's a friend. I'm actually hesistant to promote her to others because I know it would mean that she would have less time for my problems!! If you don't take up this opportunity it's definitely your loss and my gain! The change in my life? I was unemployed, broken hearted and depressed. I did a spiritual cleansing and some spiritual work and I am now employed at my DREAM JOB! I'm still single, but dating and now I am loving it! And I now see life differently, I have so much fun now! I am a better person! Thank you Angel for using your gift to bless me and others.

Latonya P. (Atlanta, GA)

Hi Angel, I just had to write and say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! When I first made contact with you I got a sense of a connection with you the 1st time we spoke. You have helped me get my ex-boyfriend’s lover (who lived behind me) to move away from me, in fact she's moving to Alaska, WOW! the advise you gave me has truly manifested it's self and all I can say to anyone who reads this letter It's nothing FAKE about "Sister Angel Rose." You are the real deal and you do just what you say. I thank GOD I found your website and took a chance on you. You have been a listening ear and a GREAT ADVISOR to me. There are other things going on with me that you are helping me with and once they are complete you will hear from me again. You helped me keep my sanity, you read my life like a book....What else can I say other than you are A GOD SENT ANGEL!!!...........God Bless and continue with the Gifts that have been given unto you.


Ms Angel Rose, Thank You isn't enough, for your services. I really and truly want to say that you are a women of your word. Thou at first I was unsure, but I am glad I followed my heart. You have been not just my spiritual advisor, you have also became my friend. For anyone who is a first timer, have no fear because your answer is here. I came to Angel very much confused, and broken hearted. And what I thought I wanted, wasn't what I needed. Angel opened a whole new road that I never ever thought that I could take. I feel brand new. I have a new home, and I have a new man in my life that wants not just me but my kids as well, he's already calls me his wife. Angel I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have kept it real from day one, you are always there when I need you, you answer my emails, with that all being said, to any body who reads this, SHE IS WORTH IT, TRUST ME YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!

D.C. ( FL)

Amazing is what I can say about Angel. When I called her I was desperate and off balance. My boyfriend had just left me and moved out of the state because of my erratic behavior and I was feeling so imbalance. After speaking with Angel she gave me hope and began to do some work for me to bring my boyfriend back and to bring balance in my life. Soon my ex boyfriend began calling me once a week and has now expressed that he is returning to me. I am so happy happy and feel much better about myself and my life. Angel give the best advice and is alway available with her calm presences to guide you. I can't wait until the next step in my life and will be contacting her again for more help in other areas. Thank You Angel for all that you have done.

F.M. (Tallahassee FL)

Sister Angel Rose at and and specializes in: christian magic, hoodoo, hoodoo root work, rootwork and voodoo spiritual advisement and services. Sister angel rose, being a rootworker deals in spirituality and spiritualism of all forms including hoodoo rootwork and conjure related to christianity and christian rootwork. Sister Angel Rose is a spiritualist. She is a world renown and famous psychic and root doctor from Mississippi who know lives in Florida. Through the use of hoodoo, and root work, as a root doctor Sister Angel Rose uses Christian magic to make miracles occur for her clients and Sister Angel Rose is known for being the most powerful root doctor and most powerful voodoo doctor and the most accurate psychic reader. Sister Angel brings back lost loves and returns lovers in difficult situations. Through the use of Christian hoodoo and voodoo Sister Angel Rose as a Root Doctor helps thousands of people. This type of christian magic often associated with the occult includes services such as pyschic phone readings and spiritual phone readings. Sister Angel Rose, has a deep understanding of what other occultist and hoodoo rootworkings in general. Sister Angel Rose is also an initiate of Voodoo, also known as voudo, voodu, and voudun. Many people question how rootwork , tarot, and tarot spells are intertwined. Sister Angel Rose's hoodoo rootwork includes working with amulets and talisman, mojo bags, nations sacks and magical spell work. Sister Angel must first complete a through tarot reading or African shell reading to determine what each individual clients needs are. Through the use of hoodoo talismans, rootwork mojo bags and sexual magic, Sister Angel can assist you in making your desires a reality. She is an expert in casting magic love spells, sexual magic, sexual rootwork and hoodoo love conjure of all types. Although hoodoo spells, spiritual work and spiritual rootwork are within her roots she is also well versed at many different types of magical practices and proves this through her diverse types of psychic readings and psychic practicies. also includes Free Spells and Conjure along with Intuitive counseling and voodoo magic/magick options. Although psychic tarot readings and spiritual readings are standard during a spiritual consultation whith Sister Angel, it is also important to remember that she also consults the Shells as a Divination source. Sister Angel Rose makes no guarantees for spiritual activities/ prayers completed on behalf of clients. Sister Angel Rose sells hoodoo oils, hoodoo colognes, hoodoo candles, ritual candles, hoodoo baths, hoodoo floor wash, lucky money, hoodoo luck oils, luck candles, money candles, hoodoo money, hoodoo love, hoodoo incense, hoodoo spell kits, hoodoo spells, hoodoo packages, hoodoo occult, hoodoo return love, hoodoo black magic, hoodoo dark magic, free hoodoo spells and more. Sister Angel Rose at has many items such as voodoo oils, voodoo colognes, voodoo candles, voodoo love magic, free voodoo spells, free consultation, voodoo money spells, voodoo luck spells, voodoo baths. Sister Angel Rose works with voodoo spirits such as papa legba, erzulie Freda, erzulie Dantor, Danballa, Erzulie La Sarine and many more voodoo and ancestral spirits to assist in a Christian way of bring about change in clients lives fast. also has magic oils, magic candles, magic baths, magic colognes, magical products, magic spirit products. Sister Angel Rose is a Christian Psychic who is a truthful root doctor and honest Psychic and honest root worker. She handles each case individually herself and is always avaialble to assist clients with thier individual needs. Vodun is utilized by Christians and is very misunderstood but through the use of hoodoo and vodoo my clients gain powerful miracles in thier lives.Sister Angel Rose is a Christian spiritualist.